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Bjorn Fleuren

Martien is a passionate, dedicated and organized teacher! It All started when I was 12 years old and I was fascinated with the bass guitar. Martien was my first teacher, although a guitar teacher at first, martin knew all the right techniques and approaches to get me started. He planted the right seeds that turned me into the musician I am today! Martien also knew when it was time for me to move one the continue my quest in exploring new bass possibilities. So he introduced me to other bass teachers in town when it was time to move on! That proves that his best interests are for the student not for himself! After that I got my bachelors/masters at the Rotterdam's conservatory with a scholarship to follow a music program at the LA Music Academy. Now 10 years later I still live and enjoy a full time musician career in the United States and the world... I'm living the dream and so can you, overcome you fears and the world will be your playground for you to explore! Get of your feat and you will blow your own mind, you'll be amazed what you can do if you belief in yourself... If I can you can! Go to bjornfleuren.com or checkout iTunes for music.